You need a voice to share your story with compassion, that’s me.

You need a voice to explain how your company is changing the world, that’s me.

You need a voice to sing La bohème in 3 languages…uh no, that’s NOT me.

For the Love of it, the Luxury of it, the Passion of it and the Fun of it, that’s me.

I may not speak 3 languages, but I help your customers be inspired to take action, feel the gravity of any moment, feel the joy you have to help others, all shipped to you via email, ftp, Dropbox, Hightail and Source Connect in your favorite format.

My passage through the waters of Voice Over began after a futile attempt to make money in radio.  The transition to Voice Over wasn’t easy.  I was a puny Squid in an Ocean of Sharks!  My first studio was a spare bedroom, in a house near a school, with recess, lunch hour and the neighbor’s lawnmowers all my mortal enemies.  Armed with a mic, a computer and a telephone, I worked these challenging and uncharted waters for years. Now, I’m grateful to rock some of the best studio gear money can buy, have a custom-built Isolation booth and some really incredible clients!

“Fair & sensible,
caring & responsibly quirky”

-Nancy Wolfson, Braintracks Audio

clients such as...

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