You need a voice to share your story with compassion, that’s me.

You need a voice to explain how your company is changing the world, that’s me.

You need a voice to sing La bohème in 3 languages…uh no, that’s NOT me.

For the Love of it, the Luxury of it, the Passion of it and the Fun of it, that’s me.

I may not speak 3 languages, but I can ship your audio to you via email, ftp, Dropbox, Hightail and Source Connect in your favourite format.

My passage through the waters of Voice Over began after a futile attempt to make money in radio.  The transition to Voice Over wasn’t any easier.  I was a puny Squid in an Ocean of Sharks!  My first studio was a spare bedroom, in a house near a school, with recess, lunch hour and the neighbor’s lawnmowers all my mortal enemies.  Armed with a mic, a computer and a telephone, I worked these challenging and uncharted waters for years. Now, I’m grateful to rock some of the best studio gear money can buy, have a custom built Isolation booth and some incredible clients!

“Fair & sensible,
caring & responsibly quirky”

-Nancy Wolfson, Braintracks Audio

clients such as...

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